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illicit romance

Illicitencounters have been in contact.
We have received a rather nasty email from Illicitencounters who are based in England, it seems lots of their members are ditching their over priced website and opting to..

....... join us on Illictromance.

We are delighted to Welcome all of our members from the UK and Ireland, we hope your time with us will be a happy and fulfilling time. Having had a chance to look over the stats this week I can see a large number of new members. We are happy to announced that we have held our fair pricing structure for at least the next 24 months so that £29 or €29 depending on where you live, so that's all your messaging, all your online chat 24/7 for a consistantly low price and as we are not a subscription service you only pay for the months you use.

The text of the email is below; feel free to comment directly to Mr. Simon Kelman. It does appear from the tone of the message that Simon thinks UK Law is somehow still relevant in the USA .....that is strange I think?????



Name: Simon Kelman



 Without Prejudice



Regarding the Illegal use of our trademarks and goodwill, false claims, “passing off†and theft of legitimate traffic.


You are the registrant of the domain name and using the url You are operating a dating site under our trademarked name.


I am acting on behalf of Online Tech Support Ltd who own and operate the website which you are aware of. You are operating a site which could and is being confused with our valuable brand and you are deliberately seeding your pages with our trademarked brand/name. Our brand "Illicit Encounters" is trademarked and protected under EU trademark number: E8231862 (see copy attached). This covers both offline and online use of the term ‘Illicit Encounters’ when used in the context of dating services. The screen shots enclosed demonstrate your breach of our trademark to hijack traffic intended for our site. In doing this you are infringing our trademark and are breaching United Kingdom law.




We now require the following:-




1. That you immediately cease and desist operating a website designed to divert traffic from, specifically one that is seeded with our brand and trademarked names. (See enclosed screen-shots)


2. That you remove all references to our brand from all of your advertising, web pages, URLs, advertising, meta tags and html tags.


In the event you do not comply with the above Online Tech Support Ltd will aggressively pursue its rights in a court of law to seek punitive and compensatory damages from your company and from you personally, for any and all lost revenue as a result of your illegal activity and substantial further damages resulting from your deliberate acts of trademark infringement, In addition we will recover from you all of our legal costs with relation to this matter.


You have until close of business Friday 15th June 2012 to confirm to me that you have complied with points 1 and 2 above or proceedings will be commenced.




Yours sincerely



S Kelman












Great site, great people.

Charles Miami

This site has saved me that is not a lie

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